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With over 8 years in the medical field, Mike Linares has worked both out in the field on an Ambulance in the dangerous streets of Los Angeles County and the in crazy busy the Emergency Rooms. Coupled with his passion for teaching & desire to help other students and mixed with his chronic typpos and bad grammmer, was born to not only help his fellow RN students, but nursing students worldwide.

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Mike Linares
Student Nurse Mentor & Certified EKG Instructor
Before Helping Multiple Successful Nursing Students
Excel I Was The "Drone" Nursing Student Working Too
Hard & Eventually I FAILED OUT of Nursing School.

Before Helping Hundreds of Struggling Nursing Students Reach Graduation Day & Before Becoming a Student Nurse Mentor & Certified EKG Instructor, I Myself Was A Struggling "At Risk"
Student Nurse Drowning In My Books & Lost In Clinical.

I was that struggling student working full time in the Emergency Room at one of those MEGA hospitals in Orange, California. I worked as an EMT aka a "medic" for 8 years prior to failing out. I knew how to take care patients, I knew the basics of the ABCs of basic life support, I knew how to take vital signs and how to fix minor injuries. I thought I had enough experience to skate right through nursing school, I remember thinking "how hard can it be" right?

After two semesters, I FAILED out of the Program.

I felt defeated, depressed and like a loser. It was one of the lowest points of my life.

Sitting in my room practically bawling my eyes out, I remember quotes my mom and dad used to encourage me with, "son, what ever doesn´t kill you, Makes you Stronger" & " Failing is Not a Bad Thing, As long as learn, become better, and NEVER EVER QUIT"

My Clinial FAILURE form had bold red letters stating:
LACK In Prepared
LACK Organizational Skills
LACK Critical Thinking with Nursing Process

Ending with:
"able to return next semester contingent upon demonstrating INCREASED COMPETANCIES in these core areas."

"NEVER GIVE UP!!" my mom & dad used to tell me, so I set out on a Quest to develop a system to make Simplify Nursing School!

What Happened Next Might Surprise you,

In a systematic way to put all the "core competencies" of nursing school that instructors look for to pass students. My quest was to make it SIMPLE first and foremost, by cutting out the fluff and getting down to the nitty critty making it easier.

The Goal Was To Make A Simple System...

And the best part is it was really helping myself and other students in my class pass their tests when I would share with them my strategies and systems to help them pass their tests with out having to memorize everything in the book!

This is where my mentoring for student nurses began.

That's when something clicked and everything changed for me.

It was like I had an Ah - HA moment!

At that moment I realized there are better, more predictable, and more low cost ways to get higher test scores and have more critical thinking skills than the money I had been spending on dead end study books that claimed to help but really just confuse me more.

I needed simplicity!!!

Within the next six months I had created over 27 different student help systems, strategies and tactics that produced better results for me - some better than others.

Then over the next few semesters I tracked, tested, and tweaked each system until my students were passing with a 82% or better on each and every test, 2 students being out of School for over 25 years & coming back to score 94% on their EKG cardiac test! Truly amazing & truly making me proud to be their mentor.

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HELP YOU PASS Nursing school